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We take great pride in the fact that we have well equipped service vehicles. We believe that it is advantageous to provide our service technicians with the right tools for the job to provide services in the most efficient, safe and timely manner. We currently have two types of service vans and each has their advantages in certain circumstances. Our Sprinter vans (like the one pictured below) provide a lot of interior space for a lot of fluids and inventory not to mention room to stand up and work.

The Sprinter can maneuver in very tight spaces that our other E350's cannot, but it is very tall. Fully loaded with crew and equipment it still yields over 19 mpg on the highway with its diesel engine.

This is an early shot of the interior of our first Sprinter outfitted with new reels, hoses, guns, pumps, tanks and compressor.

For our environmentally conscious customers, we use mats when washing vehicles to capture grey water etc. when appropriate drainage is not available at their site and dispose of it correctly.

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