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PM Attendant

As a value added feature to utilizing our services, we offer our customers PM Attendant, a web based fleet management software. This system allows you to see your vehicle service history including invoicing and even set flags for your next service. It provides you with the information about how your fleet is being taken care of and you can access it from ANY computer with an internet connection.

Most large companies have their own systems to maintain large fleets. Small to medium sized companies usually don't have the time or the resources to have a fleet management system, tending to rely on an individual(s) to maintain their vehicle records (often without much consistency). PM Attendant allows these companies to have their own system without any hardware or even software to install on their machines. Just have internet access and you can see what is going on with your fleet's maintenance. This system is easy to use and very effective in helping companies maintain their vehicle records for maintenance.

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