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On Site Mobile Lube, LLC was established in 2003 in Houston, Texas by people who envisioned a better way for companies to have their vehicles regularly serviced. They recognized the need for almost any company with a fleet to have their preventative maintenance services provided when THEY needed it, NOT when the dealership or repair shop happened to hold business hours. Another advantage was that company employees no longer had to deliver the vehicle and wait for it to be serviced while being paid, wasting valuable work hours. These services are not limited just to the company fleet, but can also be done on employees' personal vehicles while they work, saving them valuable personal time.

The business started from an office in an owner's home, then expanded to include a storage area with one van. Today, we have several service vehicles, a trailer and a warehouse / office on the west side of Houston. We service customers that range from small businesses with only 3 or 4 vehicles to large companies with several thousand vehicles. Our affiliations include:

  • FEMA approved vendor / contractor
  • City of Houston approved vendor / contractor
  • PHH and GE approved vendor
  • ARI Leasing approved vendor
  • Experience with Disaster Relief working in remote locations

Our service hours are the best in the industry. We work days, nights, weekends and even some holidays to be sure our customers' vehicles are serviced the way they need them to be. Vehicle fleets are very valuable assets for most companies and if serviced regularly / correctly, provide years of reliable, profit earning service. We provide the light servicing and maintenance that vehicles need. Even companies with in-house garages can benefit from using On Site. Rather than utilizing your mechanics for oil and filter changes, they can be paid instead for performing the medium and heavy duty repairs that require their expertise.

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